You Spelled My Name Wrong..

This is what I have to tell people when they ask for the spelling of my name. Christal, a name so basic that is spelled so many different ways. Crystal, Cristal, Krystal, Christl, no matter which way you spell it, it always sounds the same.

It did not matter how many days that I showed up for school, or spelled my name for teachers, they would never get my spelling right. Every hall pass that I had ever received always had the spelling “Crystal” on it. To some people, this wouldn’t be a big deal, but to me, it just infuriated me. I understand that I went to a larger high school where my teachers would see hundreds of kids a day but come on now…I hand in papers and homework with my name written on them so I could get them back, my name was on their class lineup list, I even had it written in my text book all with the spelling “CHRISTAL”, and how do you not even realize you’re spelling my name wrong? I always chalked it up to just mere ignorance, not realizing that not all Christal’s are the same…or maybe they just didn’t care? I had a teacher in high school who I had ALL FOUR YEARS and up to and including the last hall pass he wrote me as a high school student, my name was spelled incorrectly.

The spelling, unlike my name, is very unique, but that doesn’t give you the right to not figure out how to spell it. There are lots of ways to spell lots of peoples names, and it seems like names like “Shaniqua” or “Mikaela” are always asked how to spell their name more often than my name…is this because they think they know how to spell it? IGNORANCE.

22 years ago, my mom was pregnant working at a hair salon as a hair dresser when a client came in with the name “Christ’l”. My mom was in love with the name, but she didn’t want to have an ordinary spelling. Christ’l then told her that she would receive mail with her name spelled “Christal” because they could not put an apostrophe in a name, it was just unheard of…then. So my parents talked it over, and decided that they were going to name their first born Christal. Little to their knowledge, I was in for a lifetime of misspellings. Some of those misspellings being more unique than the spelling of my name. Fortunately enough for them, I grew into my own original being and made the spelling of my name a representation of who I am, not ordinary.

At my job, I wear a name tag where it spells out my name for all to see, along with the little “Its my pleasure to serve you” slogan. I always get “Oh wow, that’s a different way to spell Christal” or “Chris-TAL”, never just “Christal”. EVERYONE feels the need to try to pronounce my name as something different than what it is. If you really think about it, just say the name “Christal” in your head and spell it phonetically. The way I spell it, I feel is the most common sense way to spell it. In this spelling, “Crystal”, I just don’t understand where the “Y” comes from, what noise is it making? Or when they spell it “Krystle”, what were you thinking when you spelled the name like that? Do you not know your poor child has probably gone through life having their name misspelled the entire time? Having to spend valuable minutes at counters and desks everywhere spelling their name out loud because you, as a parent, wanted your kid to be different.

Now that I am older, I still have to spell my name out for just about everyone who asks for it, and that includes boys at the bar. Instead of just spelling it out for them like a normal person does, I have made it a game. I normally tell the guy asking for it that if he spells my name correctly the first time, he gets to have my number. If he doesn’t, he has to wait until he can figure out the spelling to get my number. If they want it enough, they will pull out every spelling in the book. It helps you feel out the guy and if he really wants to get your number or if he’s just gonna give up like a loser and forget about it. It also helps create conversation, and when you’re meeting someone and getting to know them, sometimes that in itself helps you out a great deal.

There are times that I really dislike the way my mom spelled my name, like when everyone else could get personalized everything from the store and you had to settle for things that said “Awesome” or “High Maintenance” because the store didn’t have anything with the spelling of your name on it. There are times, though, that I do thank my mother for making me so unique, because when someone writes “Crystal” on a piece of paper with a list of things to do, I know its not me. It certainly does beat being given a name like “Amanda” or “Alexandra” or “Mary”. Having a unique spelling can prove to be a struggle in itself just because people don’t care to ask about how you spell your name, but everyone is different in their own way. Whether it be the spelling of their name, their attitude, personality, hobbies, interests, there are so many things in life and in this world that make us unique, why would you ever just want to be ordinary?


Can You Hear Me Now?

I think it is funny when people say that they can’t live without their cellphone, but the thing is, is that I can’t live without mine either.

My iPhone 5 is an accessory that I have with me at all times, I never leave home without it. It is my means of communication, entertainment, social media outlet, and my note recorder. When I forget the thing I feel like I went out in public with no pants on.

But its true, people are relying more and more on technology in their life. Peoples phones hold just about everything in their life, phone numbers, important information, store cards, games, camera, just about everything that girls carry around in their purses on a daily basis. The sad thing is, that with all of this nonsense that we could live without thirty years ago, we find ourselves struggling through life without it on a daily basis. Why do I feel like I’m missing something when I don’t bring my cell phone? Because I rely on it, just like you rely on pants to cover your tush when you’re out in public.

The more that we rely on these things, I feel that people are forgetting that there are REAL people in the world that you can ACTUALLY talk to face to face. Everything is like “Oh, I’ll text you!” or “I’ll call you!” or “Facebook me!”. What did people do in the early 90’s when there was no such thing a cell phone, what did people do then? You called on a house phone. Which most likely had a cord on it, which you could barely take to the next room with you or like even ten feet. There was no texting your friends when you got to their house to say “I’m here” or hiding behind your messages because it is something that you could never say to their face because it is just too nasty and mean.

For as much as the cell phone has proven time and time again on how dependable and important they are to have with you when you are out, it really has ruined human to human communication. We always feel the need to text someone or to call them if you haven’t seen or heard from them in awhile. When we finally see that person, we spend the entire time on our phones checking facebook, instagram, and twitter about the new news in our other “friends” lives that has NO real importance to us. I say “friends” because how many people that you are friends with on your social media site are really your friends? Fifty maybe? Out of those fifty you probably on see like fifteen of them on a daily or weekly basis, if that. The rest are people that you have met at a bar,  a party,  worked with, or you graduated with, so you really aren’t friends with these people. Regardless, these people who mean just about nothing to you or the well being of your life are holding your attention away from your real friends. It happens to me all of the time, my friends and I will go out to the bar to catch up and talk about life and we sit there on our phones the entire time, just in silence. I’m not out at the bar with these people that are on my phone, why do I care about them? But really, what did people do without Facebook? I know what I did before facebook…myspace. Even before then, what did people do when they didn’t have a website to put all of their boo-hoo’s and engagement pictures on? Where did people rant and rave about stupid crap that they saw on the internet, or take nameless jabs at their ex they are still friends with so they know that they are pissed off? Oh what is that you say? They didn’t?! How did they survive?! What did they do?! They talked to people about their problems?! That’s crazy! I would never think to do that!

I remember my first cell phone, it was an LG flip phone, it had no camera, it dialed out and accepted calls in. That was about it. There was nothing special about the thing at all, other than the fact that it rang when someone called it. That was in 2004. Now in 2014, we have cell phones that have 44 megapixel cameras that don’t have flash because the camera doesn’t need it. With that came the front facing camera, designed to facetime or skype people from your phone, like a real life Jetsons video call.  That’s not all it has come out to be used for either, front facing cameras are now awesome for these pictures that you take of yourself called “selfies”. I am not gonna act like I don’t take selfies, because I do. I will admit it, but my selfie taking is under control much more than other people’s. I seriously am so sick of #selfiesunday #ootd and #transformationtuesday. I could give two (earmuffs) flying fucks about what you’re wearing today, or how much the same you looked from the picture that you took yesterday. Unless you miraculously dropped 100lbs overnight, changed your hair color, or got a nose job, I don’t really feel there is a need to post a selfie every day of your life. It is redonkulous. BUT THAT’S NOT ALL! There is now snapchat, which in my opinion, was made by a man so women could send them pictures of their boobs without them worrying about finding their tits on the internet. Why do we need that? Why do I need to check my phone to see if I got snapchats?

We have taken something so basic as the cell phone, that fifteen years ago was as basic as just making in and out phone calls that was the size of a brick and had an antenna that you could go fishing with to phones that don’t even need you to touch them to open them, operate on voice command and will google search everything your little heart desires with a hold of a button. The cell phone went from something that people used in case of an emergency to something that people, including myself, can not live without. I just hope that this world doesn’t get to the point where I am wasting my mobile to mobile minutes talking to someone who is sitting right next to me.

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